In 2018-19 children from 35 North London Primary Schools participated in the Meadowsong project. They created class assemblies, whole school concerts and borough-wide massed choir performances involving youth instrumental ensembles.

During the project they engaged in RSPB Wild Challenges, exploring and discovering nature in their school grounds and local outdoor spaces. Most importantly, they planted wildflower areas. This immersed them in the world of our pollinators giving them an investment in and deeper understanding of the interdependency of all living things.

The project gave agency to both teachers and children to come up with their own solutions to address biodiversity loss.

“If we can get this right at a curriculum level at school bringing the indoors outdoors and the outdoors indoors… learning in a variety of ways, children would be much healthier academically emotionally and mentally.”

Resham Mirza

Headteacher Tiverton Primary School, 2019

“I felt with the assembly and the planting of the meadow it was probably the best day I’d ever had at the school”

Anita Chandler

Learning Support Assistant, St Aidan's Primary School, 2019

“My favourite song is the Riddle Song because most of my favourite flowers are there, in the song”


Y4, 2019

“It’s made me into a more adventurous person”


Y5, 2019

“When we sing them and when we create stuff with the nature it feels like we are actually nature… cos’ we are, we all live on the same planet because that’s what biodiversity is all about, all of the animals working together”


Y3, 2019