Through the power of song and connected learning, we aim to give children and teachers the opportunity to support biodiversity in creative and active ways.


The Song Cycle

Meadowsong consists of 4 songs that create a 20 minute performance piece.

‘This song cycle is a musical journey through the fascinating habitat of a wildflower meadow – from the deep, dark secrets of the soil to the vibrant colours, sounds and scents of a meadow buzzing with creatures. It is a celebration of the power of the earth to sustain our wildlife, of habitats that give life to so many organisms, and of the interconnectedness of all living things.’

Kate Stilitz, Composer of Meadowsong


The Project

The project delivers a full day training workshop for Year 3 teachers (with some possible places for school music leads) to explore the use of  ‘Meadowsong’ alongside the RSPB’s Wild Challenge award scheme. This is a rich arts and science based programme that includes a quality experience of nature for children. It is designed with the same ambition for all children. Feedback from participants suggests that the resource works especially well for children that are from disadvantaged backgrounds or SEND. The workshop outlines a flexible, cross-curricular programme that can be easily adapted to local needs and requirements and provide the necessary resources for teachers to deliver this independently.

We are offering this training and resources FREE in collaboration with Local Educational Authorities around the country. The one day training will be open to all Y3 teachers in each borough. The collaboration involves training and resources to be delivered by us at a local venue, ideally provided by the Local Educational Partnership.

The training will happen in Spring 2020 allowing teachers to integrate their learning into their delivery this academic year. This will culminate in a performance alongside the planting of a mini wildflower habitat. Resources can be used to the full or as a foundation for teachers to explore their own ideas. It’s full of possibilities!

We would love teachers to take this in their own directions, developing their own and their children’s active citizenship.

RSPB Wild Challenge

Wild Challenge is your chance to help wildlife, explore nature, and work towards awards by making your way through a heap of wild school activities. There are 24 resources activities which will help to deliver outdoor learning both in the context of Meadowsong and any broader work. It is free and the schools and pupils will earn stickers and certificates as rewards.


Seek.app. For young explorers and anyone curious about our planet, seek app by iNaturalist will unlock a whole world of discovery on your doorstep. Use the power of image recognition technology to identify wildlife and plants all around you. It’s easy – get outside and point the Seek Camera (a special app for android and apple devices) at living things to identify what you have found and discover the hidden natural treasures in your natural local surroundings. You can learn fun facts about the organisms all around you.